Taylor Swift

Performed by Tina Dawn


Singer/Songwriter Tina Dawn is a native of New Hampshire. She was raised in a very supportive musical family, beginning her vocal training with her father at the age of seven.

By high school, Tina had advanced to be named New England’s Female Vocalist of the Year and received one of the highest scores in the New England "All State" singer auditions. A Carnegie Hall appearance soon followed the award.

Graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2004, Tina began performing around the country and the world both as a featured artist and as a background singer/dancer. She has worked her way up from cruise ships traversing Europe, to the hottest shows in Las Vegas, such as Absinthe and Legends in Concert.

Tina has been a long time Taylor Swift fan, but it wasn’t until people repeatedly mentioned in passing that she resembled Swift, that she made a successful go at impersonating her. Tina says “Out of anyone I could resemble and impersonate, I’m happy it’s Taylor Swift. She’s a beautiful artist who happens to also be a wonderful role model for kids (and adults). She has a strong voice for what she believes in and writes upbeat and catchy songs. It’s a lot of fun “being her!”

Currently, Tina is living in Las Vegas, Nevada but performing and singing all over the country.