David Bowie

Performed by Steve Mcphail


Steve McPhail has been a David Bowie fan since he first picked up the guitar at the age of 11. Over the past few years Steve has been performing the classic Bowie hits throughout Canada, United States and as far as The Cayman Islands with “ Bowie’s Greatest Hits” - The David Bowie Production which is part of “The British Legends Show” of Bounty Enterprises (producers of Abbamania and Night Fever).

“His authentic Bowie look and amazing vocal performance will surely have you mesmerized” “A must see for Bowie fans!

When not performing as David Bowie, Steve performs with his solo project Sonny Boy Mick and his own music has been featured on TV shows across Canada. He has worked as a studio musician making guest appearances as a vocalist and guitarist on several recording project as well as performing as lead guitarist for artists such as Alan Frew (Glass Tiger), Johnny Reid and Tim Hicks to name a few. Steve is also the owner/operator of Melody Man Studios Music School in Burlington, Ontario Canada.

Some of his credits include:

  • Finalist in Burlington Performing Arts Awards
  • Finalist in UK Songwriting Contest
  • Nominated Best Pop Artist in Independent Music Awards
  • Honorable mention in Billboard Songwriting Contest