Diana Ross

Performed by Roz Thomas


Roz Thomas, who portrays Diana Ross in the award-winning Legends In Concert, audiences can always count on an electrifying reaction when the spotlight graces her onstage. This sophisticated, talented and beautiful singer captures every essence of the Motown diva, from the distinctive sexy voice to the dynamic charisma. Eminently capable of grabbing the audience's collective soul, Roz pays tribute to Ms. Ross with exquisite style and masterful interpretations of the classic songs.

As a true artist, she considers each detail when preparing her presentation. Her background in commercial music, music theory, fashion design and modeling serve as the foundation in assembling the delicate mix necessary to re-create one of the world's most beloved entertainers.

Roz' career choice was influenced by her parents who supported and encouraged her to explore her talents and abilities at an early age. She first performed onstage when she was 10-years old and later pursued jazz and opera voice training at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago.

As a professional, she tried singing original and contemporary music. However, repeated comments comparing her voice to Diana Ross' led to her decision to emulate the superstar.

Along with her musical interests, Roz also developed her artistic talents and is an accomplished designer. Not only has she designed fashions but also album covers for many legendary artists and music groups.

As a tribute artist, songwriter and fashion designer, Roz enjoys staying busy. If her schedule permits, she even enjoys fishing with her husband Nate.