Performed by Kimberly Goltry


If anyone was ever suited to reproduce the high energy act of Madonna’s great music, it’s Kimberly Goltry. With both a father and godmother who passionately created music, Kimberly started performing professionally at age 10. Being recognized for her talent at a young age, she was issued a scholarship at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, as well as a scholarship with the Philip Nolen acting Institute in New York. Kim started off her musical career with a bang by combining her education at these institutions with the training she received from Broadway vocal coach, Richard Loring.

By merging the raw passion for music that she takes from her dad with the professional training she received, Kimberly’s been responsible for impressing the Legends’ audience since 1991. In describing why she’s so passionate about performance, Kimberly boldly states, “Show biz is natural and essential to my life like oxygen. Without it I would not survive.” With an attitude like that, you know each performance will be her best which is why she’s been selected to sing alongside artists like Stix and Smashmouth.

Having performed for the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dolly Parton, and Bob Hope, her act is bound to impress even the most avid Madonna fans. With good looks that have won her national beauty contests, talent that has taken her around the world, and the privilege to learn from the greats, Kimberly is truly a world class act.