Blues Brothers™

Eric Martin & Carmen Romano


When Eric and Carmen explode on stage as a tribute to "The Blues Brothers™ ", it's like a non-stop freight train!! With the opening number "I Can't Turn You Loose", to the climatic finale of "Shout", this Blues Brothers™ tribute captivates the audience with a high-energy performance.

The blend of Eric as Dan Aykroyd and Carmen as the late John Belushi is a perfect mix in re-creating the "Blues Brothers™ ". However, these "BLUZMEN" go a step further. They showcase some of the original choreography with a few "steps" of their own. As one show critic put it: "These two men have it all down! The look, the sound, every move and the crazy antics!!!"

Eric and Carmen have been performing together as "The Blues Brothers™ " for over 20 years in over 9500 shows worldwide. For ten years, they have been a staple in the award winning show "Legends in Concert" in Las Vegas. To this day they are still considered to be one of the most popular acts to have ever graced the highly successful show. Their popularity is not limited to just Las Vegas. They have showcased their act across the United States and all over the world! Their talents have taken them to many countries, including: Russia, Japan, Canada, Finland, Mexico, Thailand, Germany, Austria, France, Latvia, Bermuda and the Bahamas. They have also made numerous appearances on television, including: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show, MTV, VH-1, ESPN, CBS This Morning, Entertainment Tonight, Leeza and the #1 rated show in Japan, Monomane.

Night after night, they sing and dance with a frenetic energy that brings down the house. They have become legendary because of their infectious energy and excitement that is generated among their audiences!

Following are a few quotes of celebrities and dignitaries about Eric and Carmen. "Terrific" …Jay Leno. "These Guys Are Great!" …Dick Clark "John Belushi, would have been proud" ...Bernie Brillstein (Belushi's personal manager and executive producer of The Blues Brothers™ Movie) "The Greatest!" …Kenny Guinn, Former Nevada Governor. "Fantastic!"…Wayne Newton. "Incredible!"…Frankie Valli…"If it isn't Eric Martin and Carmen Romano, then it isn't the Blues Brothers™ !"…House of Blues

Of these two men, Dan Aykroyd himself, may have said it best:

"The Blues Brothers™ is a registered trademark owned by "Dan Aykroyd and Judy Belushi."