Ray Charles

Performed by Charles Middleton


Charles Middleton was born in Franklin, Louisiana. At the age of six, his father bought him a clarinet, introducing him to music for the first time. He played in the school band and eventually joined the school and church choir.

His family moved to Houston, Texas, and then finally made the move to Los Angeles, California, Charles pursed his music in LA, and soon joined a singing group called "The Jaguars". Although "The Jaguars" never made Billboard's national singles or album charts, the group did play an early 1960's tour of Sweden, headlining over the Beatles, before Beatlemania was in full swing. They also played several shows with Richie Valens and other rock pioneers like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jackie Wilson.

In 1992, Middleton made the move to Las Vegas. One night while at a karaoke bar someone suggested that he looked like Ray Charles. Middleton remembers the time when he was singing "My Funny Valentine" to his then girlfriend, now his wife and people began to comment on his resemblance to Ray. He then ran to his car, to get a pair of sunglasses, and came back to perform "I Can't Stop Loving You". With performance homework and practice, he has perfected his act and has performed his impression of brother Ray ever since. Middleton has become well known and respected for his Ray Charles impersonation especially in Las Vegas, where he continues to live and work.