Stevie Wonder

Performed by Bobby Brooks


Bobby Brooks Wilson is a man of many talents, but one of his most notable is his amazing tribute to Stevie Wonder. Using his years of experience to fuel each on stage performance, Bobby Brooks Wilson pulls off his impressions of Stevie with ease and style. At 9 years of age, when Bobby first saw a performance of the Jackson 5 on the Ed Sullivan show, he knew that his life would be full of music. Drawing inspiration from Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and the like, Bobby first found himself in a professional performance setting with “Little Elvis” (now better known as Bruno Mars) on the Love Note Show in Hawaii. Moving forward from this long standing gig with Bruno, Bobby started working with Legends in Concert in 1994, after rock and roll legend Paul Revere from “Paul Revere and the Raiders” convinced him to try his hand at Stevie Wonder tribute.

Since then, Bobby has played to rave reviews throughout the states and around the world. Opening for The Temptation, the Four Tops, and Bruno Mars, the man behind the costume has earned his credibility as a professional impersonator time and time again. Even Michael Bolton has praised Bobby’s performances as hypnotic. Earning a degree in Media Production and Electronic Systems at U.S.C, Bobby learned how to sing on the job, performing on TV shows, on cruise ships, and at the Las Vegas Legends’ stage. Now, he is known not only for his high energy onstage performances, but for his song-writing, and his own personal act. No matter what hat Bobby Brooks Wilson has on when you see one of his performances he is bound to impress, and leave you wanting more.